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  • PFB-cot-pop-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Poplin 130gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-lin-pro-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Linen Pro 200gsm checkIn Stock £14.99
  • PFB-cot-eco-unprinted-1m Unprinted Economy Cotton 136gsm closeOut of Stock £7.99
  • PFB-cot-law-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Lawn 75gsm checkIn Stock £13.19
  • PFB-bam-bam-unprinted-1m Unprinted Bamboo 120gsm checkIn Stock £15.69
  • PFB-cot-tea-unprinted-1m Unprinted Tea Towel Cotton 220gsm checkIn Stock £6.99
  • PFB-cot-wst-unprinted Unprinted Cotton Warp Satin 246gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-pol-fir-unprinted-1m Unprinted Fire Resistant Plain Polyester 145gsm checkIn Stock £13.99
  • PFB-cot-fws-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Fine Warp Satin 172gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-cot-ncl-unprinted-1m Unprinted Natural Luxury Cotton Linen 230gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-cot-sat-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Sateen 167gsm checkIn Stock £10.49
  • PFB-cot-twi-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Twill 213gsm checkIn Stock £9.99
  • PFB-cot-lin-unprinted-1m Unprinted Luxury Cotton Linen 230gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-cot-dri-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Drill 255gsm checkIn Stock £11.49
  • PFB-cot-hhp-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Heavy Half Panama 309gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-cot-hop-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Hopsack 398gsm checkIn Stock £12.49
  • PFB-cot-mus-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Muslin 66gsm checkIn Stock £10.49
  • PFB-bcl-nat-unprinted-1m Unprinted British Natural Cotton Linen 250gsm checkIn Stock £14.99
  • PFB-cot-pla-unprinted-1m Unprinted Classic Plain Cotton 156gsm checkIn Stock £9.49
  • PFB-cot-hpa-unprinted-1m Unprinted Cotton Half Panama 230gsm checkIn Stock £11.49
  • PFB-cot-ohp-unprinted-1m Unprinted Organic Cotton Half Panama 280gsm checkIn Stock £11.99

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