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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files can I upload?
You can upload your design as a JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF & PNG with a maximum file size of 40MB.
Why does the preview appear blurry?
Your artwork is resized so that it downloads faster in the preview. This may appear blurry in the preview but we will use your original file when printing.
I am uploading a large file but am experiencing difficulty?
You can upload files up to 40MB. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection this can take several minutes. If the image is large and high resolution, we recommend reducing the resolution to 180 DPI and re-uploading. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact us.
What is the difference between DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch)? Which one should I use?
For the purposes of creating artwork for us, DPI and PPI mean the same thing and you can use them interchangeably.
What colour mode should I use?
It is best to use the RGB colour mode. For best results when printing, it is recommended that you save your file using the sRGB colour profile (specifically, sRGB v4 Preference).
Why not CMYK?
To put it simply - we don't use a CMYK printing process. When we prepare your file for print, we want to make sure we represent your colours as accurately as possible, and using CMYK would limit the amount of colours you can print. If you wish to preview how your files will print, you can proof using CMYK and it will give you a rough idea of how things will print. This is especially in terms of greens and pinks, which are duller in CMYK than RGB, but just bear in mind that our process has a wider gamut than traditional CMYK, especially in reds and oranges.
Can I print photos?
Absolutely! Photos print out great onto fabric.
If create my own fabric, do my prints remain private?
When you upload a file to prinfab, unless you explicitly give us permission, it will not be shared with any third parties.
Will the Prinfab watermark be printed?
No, this is placed on every image shown on our website to help protect the sellers design.
How is my fabric made?
Your fabric is made using an industrial textile printer. We print your design directly onto pre-treated base fabric using water based pigment inks. The fabric is then heated to cure the ink to the base fabric.
How long does it take for my fabric to be made?
We aim to make and despatch your fabric in 1-2 working days. We will send you an email once your entire order has been printed and despatched. Please note that it can take up to 48 additional hours to print your entire order, especially if it spans several different materials.
Can you print on to other fabrics?
Maybe. If you contact our customer service team, we will be happy to advise
Will my fabric shrink?
All our fabrics are made using natural fibres and will shrink after washing. The amount will vary depending on the fabric, how you wash and how you dry it afterward. We recommend purchasing a swatch and testing to ensure the fabric is suitable for your intended use before placing a larger order.
What material is suitable for XYZ?
Please refer to the Fabric Guide for help choosing a fabric. If you have any other questions, don't hestitate to contact us.
Who owns the copyright of designs I sell?
You retain ownership and copyright of the designs you sell. By selling your designs with us, you give us permission to display and sell your designs as a finished product. Please read our terms for full details.
What type of designs can I sell?
You can upload and sell any design that you have created yourself that does not violate our terms.
Can I sell designs that I own / have purchased?
You cannot list designs you have not created unless you have written permission from all persons who own rights to the design. Please refer to our terms for further information. If you are the owner of stock library and are interested in selling your designs on Prinfab, please contact us for details of our partner program.
Where are my designs sold?
Your designs will be sold as printed fabric on our website and selected designs on Amazon™.
How long will it take for my design to appear on the website?
It can take up to 1 working day for your design to appear on our website. Each design is reviewed by our team to ensure it meets our criteria before becoming available on our website.
How much commission will I receive?
You will receive 12% of all sales featuring design minus VAT, sales tax and shipping.
How do I get paid?
Commission is paid using PayPal which means you will need an active PayPal account.
When will I get paid?
Commission is paid 30 days after a sale is made. It is then accumulated and paid on the 1st of each month. If the 1st is a non-working day, commission will be paid the next working day. If the commission owed to the Seller is less than £10.00, no payment will be made and the balance carried forward to the following month.
Need some help?

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Sample Book

Booklet containing 18cm x 12cm samples of our 10 fabrics, each featuring an eye catching design from our library. Each sample book is just £1.99.