The Neighbourhood Threat by Holly Ramsay

The Neighbourhood Threat by Holly Ramsay

Homeware designed for kitchens you want to dance in! The Neighbourhood Threat by Salford artist, Holly Ramsay.

The Neighbourhood Threat is the colour-popping, charismatic and nostalgically cool kitchenware brand and brainchild of, Salford artist, Holly Ramsay.

Built upon foundations of quality and sustainability, every product is produced by Holly, or with UK suppliers who have been meticulously vetted and work in close partnership with the brand. Sustainable, socially-conscious and made to last, the brand is focused on ethical sourcing of high quality materials. Bursting with oddity but warm and welcoming in its weirdness, its range of tea towels, oven gloves, mugs, coasters, and cushions is both theatrical and irresistible.

Named from the Iggy Pop and David Bowie track, icons from whom Holly draws inspiration, The Neighbourhood Threat- appropriately - is ever-changing. While her latest designs have one foot in the 70s, Holly's ability to take inspiration from the everyday and turn designs on a dime means that the brand is one to watch. From the Space Age collection to the Kitsch line, you'll find science fiction teamed with glam rock, animals-at-loose alongside antique curiosities, and colourful caricatures contrasted with floral motifs and fruity prints.

The Neighbourhood Threat tea towels by Holly Ramsay The Neighbourhood Threat pop-up at John Lewis

Based at Islington Mill, a creative hub on the border of Manchester and Salford, The Neighbourhood Threat has been born into a community of collaborators and creators. Holly is a vocal supporter of her peers, a champion of independent business, and always ready to team up with her contemporaries in the name of art and innovation.

Reinvention, and new work that pushes the ordinary to the extreme, is always at arms' reach; we love coming up with new designs!

The brand has built an emphatic following amongst those in the know in Manchester and the North-West. Bursting out of its Salford studio into an ever-expanding list of style-conscious stockists, The Neighbourhood Threat is gaining pace and growing fast.

Cushions in The Neighbourhood Threat range by Holly Ramsay Closeup showing detail of a custom printed tea towel in The Neighbourhood Threat range of products

It's always reassuring that Prinfab have quick lead times because that means that once we make a new design, we know we can make it into a finished product within a few days!

We are truly inspired by the story behind Holly's kitchenware brand and hope it inspires others to go on to create their own unique range of products.

Lucy Waters 13 Dec 2021