Create a Seamless Pattern from Any Image with Magic Repeat

Our new Magic repeat style can turn almost any image into perfectly seamless repeat automatically.

How to Create a Seamlessly Repeating Pattern from Any Image with Magic Repeat



Our new Magic repeat style can turn almost any image into perfectly seamless repeat automatically.

You can find it on our create tool, under the “repeat” option:

Magic Repeat on the Create Tool

Here’s a quick example of what to expect:

Illustration of regular vs magic repeat

What is it?

Pink Flower magic repeat

We have talking previously about how to create a seamless repeat in our article on How to Create a Seamless Repeat Pattern.

It can be quite difficult to make a seamlessly repeating image, especially if you are working with an existing artwork or photograph.

The traditional resolution for this would be to use the ‘Mirror’ repeat option, however, that’s not suitable in all cases:

  • Any images that contain text
  • Odd looking patterns that can become apparent on a large scale
  • Non-abstract photographs and artworks

Magic repeat hopes to solve these problems.

It works by taking advantage of some of the properties of repeating patterns, and overlaying each tile slightly on top of the previous one in a very specific manner.

The result is a seamlessly repeating image with no harsh join lines perfect for making printed fabric.

What is it not?

Moss magic repeat

Magic repeat isn’t a replacement for proper repeating patterns.

There are artefacts introduced around the edges of the image, and colours can be subtly changed by the repeat. This can be undesirable in a number of situations.


Below are some examples of images that make great seamless repeating patterns with Magic Repeat.

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Snowy Bricks

Snowy Bricks Single Tile

Regular Repeat

Snowy Bricks Regular Repeat

Magic Repeat

Snowy Bricks Magic Repeat

Eurasian Blue Tit

Image taken from Coloured figures of the birds of the British islands, vol. 2, courtesy of Old Book Illustrations.

Eurasian Blue Tit Single Tile

Regular Repeat

Eurasian Blue Tit Regular Repeat

Magic Repeat

Eurasian Blue Tit Magic Repeat

Dracaena Moorei

Image taken from L’Illustration horticole, vol. 14, courtesy of Old Book Illustrations.

Dracaena Moorei Single Tile

Regular Repeat

Dracaena Moorei Regular Repeat

Magic Repeat

Dracaena Moorei Magic Repeat

“Summer” by Alphonse Mucha

Summer Single Tile

Regular Repeat

Summer Regular Repeat

Magic Repeat

Summer Magic Repeat

Marble Pattern

Image taken from page 5 of ‘The history of Scotland … The thirteenth edition, with alterations and additions.’, courtesy of the British Library Flickr.

Marble Pattern Single Tile

Regular Repeat

Marble Pattern Regular Repeat

Magic Repeat

Marble Pattern Magic Repeat

Iris Botanical

Image taken from page 23 of ‘The ladies’ flower garden of ornamental bulbous plants’, courtesy of the British Library Flickr.

Purple Flower Single Tile

Regular Repeat

Iris Botanical Regular Repeat

Magic Repeat

Iris Botanical Magic Repeat

What are you waiting for? Get creating now.

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