EN71-3 (2019) Certification

EN71-3 (2019) Certification

Prinfab are the first fabric print on-demand company to ensure all fabrics pass EN71-3 (2019)

Prinfab are committed to providing a high quality textile print on-demand service that is safe, responsible, and sustainable. Earlier this year we took the initiative to ensure all our fabrics meet the requirements of the revised EN71-3 (2019) chemical migration standard.

Ensuring a fabric meets the requirements of EN71-3 (2019) is a critical step in CE marking products for children. More specifically, the standard sets a limit to the amount of potentially harmful chemicals a fabric can contain.

A representative sample of each fabric in our range was printed and independently tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory to ensure they meet the requirements of the EN71-3 (2019) chemical migration standard.

This means customers can be confident that any fabric printed by Prinfab is of the highest quality and can used in products carrying the CE mark.

Oliver Mustoe-Playfair 2 Jul 2021