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You Earn Commission

We'll pay you 12% commission on all sales of fabric featuring your design

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who owns the copyright of designs I sell?
You retain ownership and copyright of the designs you sell. By selling your designs with us, you give us permission to display and sell your designs as a finished product. Please read our terms for full details.
What type of designs can I sell?
You can upload and sell any design that you have created yourself that does not violate our terms.
Can I sell designs that I own / have purchased?
You cannot list designs you have not created unless you have written permission from all persons who own rights to the design. Please refer to our terms for further information. If you are the owner of stock library and are interested in selling your designs on Prinfab, please contact us for details of our partner program.
Where are my designs sold?
Your designs will be sold as printed fabric on our website and selected designs on Amazon™.
How long will it take for my design to appear on the website?
It can take up to 1 working day for your design to appear on our website. Each design is reviewed by our team to ensure it meets our criteria before becoming available on our website.
How much commission will I receive?
You will receive 12% of all sales featuring design minus VAT, sales tax and shipping.
How do I get paid?
Commission is paid using PayPal which means you will need an active PayPal account.
When will I get paid?
Commission is paid 30 days after a sale is made. It is then accumulated and paid on the 1st of each month. If the 1st is a non-working day, commission will be paid the next working day. If the commission owed to the Seller is less than £10.00, no payment will be made and the balance carried forward to the following month.
Need some help?

Check out our FAQs or contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to help