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Our guide to creating great designs for your fabric

File Type

You can upload your design as a JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF & PNG with a maximum file size of 40MB. If you experience difficulty uploading a large file, try reducing the resolution of your image to reduce the file size. The size your design prints can be altered using the scale option if required.

For great results, we recommend creating a high quality JPG at 180 DPI in the RGB colour mode.

Scale alters the resolution your design is printed at:

  • Our system will try to detect the resolution of your design. If our system cannot detect a resolution, it will default to 180 DPI (Dots Per Inch)Reducing scale makes your design smaller but it will print with greater detailIncrease scale makes your design larger but it will print with less detail

Your image may lose detail and appear blurry / pixelated if it is enlarged too much.

For the best results we recommend printing at 100% scale or less.
  • 100%
  • 200%
  • 400%
  • 800%
  • 1600%

Repeat will copy your design to cover the full width and height of the fabric. There are a range of repeat styles that you can choose:

  • No repeat
  • Regular
  • Half Drop
  • Half Brick
  • Mirror
How Colour Differs On Screen to Print
  • Screen (RGB)
  • Print (CMYK)

Colour on a screen is made from Red, Green and Blue light (RGB). Colour on a screen is additive which means you start with a black background and add colour. Colour on a print is made from a combinations of colour inks. Our printers use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, Violet and Grey ink (CMYKORVk). Colour on a print is subtractive which means you start with a white background and block out parts of the spectrum. The RGB colour spectrum is much larger than the colour spectrum for CMYKORVk. This means there are colours that can be created in RGB that cannot be created in CMYKORVk. This problem is most apparent on bright or florescent colours.

Colour Mode

Our printers are set up to receive files in RGB. If a file is not in RGB it will be converted to RGB. This can create unexpected results. On this basis we do not recommend uploading files in CMYK or Greyscale.

For best results we recommend uploading your file in RGB
Colour Matching

The best way to achieve accurate colour matches is to use a colour chart. You can order a colour chart here. and then use the RGB colour code on the colour chart in your design to achieve an accurate match. Please note that colours may print differently on each fabric so it is recommended that the colour chart is printed on the fabric you intend to use.

For accurate colour matches we recommend using a colour chart
Colour Tips
  • Increasing colour saturation will make colours as bright and bold as possible.
  • Ensure there is sufficient contrast between dark colours otherwise they may blend together
  • Fine detail is printed best when there is high contract between colours
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Sample Book

Booklet containing 18cm x 12cm samples of our 10 fabrics, each featuring an eye catching design from our library. Each sample book is just £1.99.