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Effective prompts are crucial in guiding AI

  • Subject
  • +
  • Style
  • +
  • Colour
  • +
  • Emotion
  • +
  • Descriptor

Describe the pattern in as much detail as you can, as if you were describing the pattern over the phone .

An effective prompt will consist of at least 5 parts:

Part Example
Subject Cat, teddy bear, flower, car, city
Style Photograph, painting, sketch, render
Colour Pastel shades, neon colours, black and white
Emotion Happy, sad, joyous, laughing, goofy
Descriptor Detailed, simple, abstract

If you're unhappy with your initial result, try refining your prompt further. If you're still not getting the results you're after, try our advanced options which allow you refine the patterns generated further:

Negative Prompt
The negative prompts allows you to steer away from particular subjects, styles, colours, emotions or descriptors.
Size of the generated image in pixels. You'll get best results at 512px x 512px but choosing a portrait or landscape can avoid features being cropped.
The seed is a positive number that provides the AI with a source of randomness. If you leave it blank, a new seed will be automatically generated. If you would like consistent generations, you can enter a seed so you can return to it later.
  • Who owns the copyright for the designs I generate? You do. All designs are the property of the person who generated them.
  • I lost my design! Can you get it back for me? If you have all the original settings used to create the design (prompt, seed, negative prompt, and width/height) then we may be able to retrieve it for you.
  • Are these designs suitable for printing on fabric? Yes, but you should still check the design carefully that it matches your expectations. The Ai tool can generate blurry, out of focus or otherwise faulty images. You should download and check each design carefully before printing.
  • What is the maximum size I can print these designs? Using our online create tool, you will receive a warning if you are trying to print the images too large.
  • Can I sell prints created with this tool? Yes - you can print them on fabric, sell the fabric, or just sell the designs, it's up to you.
  • Is there anything I can't do with this tool? Please check the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

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